this love, right now, it’s everything

My work is authentic and a little dreamy. I watch light travel the earth: shadows falling around us, the sun pierce through the trees and hover above the horizon. I love backlighting and soft hazy colors offering just a touch of vibrancy. I feel it is important to have intimate photographs showing soulful eyes as well as wider shots canvasing the story that threads us all together.

I hope to capture this for your family.

capturing your beautiful moments is where I find the most Inspiration.
After my first child was born, my perspective on photography developed into a passion for documenting life. I snapped away, spending endless darkroom hours developing the perfect images of my little girl smiling on the swing--the sunlight catching in her curls--
just the way that my heart saw it.

snapshots from amy

  • I am a true New Englander, love everything about it, including the snow!
  • I have been called the best baby swaddler & sleep whisperer ever!
  • When I am old and gray, I want ONE thing…great photographs that show a life full or heartfelt memories.
  • My love for my 4 kids continues to inspire my work and help me to hold onto their smile, their joy, and their beauty.
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