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hello. i’m Amy.

I view my world through an artistic lens and believe my hands are capable of creating meaningful art. I have studied art and photography since my earliest memory and hold a BA in Studio Art and Master’s in Education. My teaching experience gave me many tools for connecting with children, but my artistic voice and love for photography became my guiding path. After my first child was born, my perspective on photography developed into a passion for documenting life. I snapped away, spending endless darkroom hours developing the perfect images of my little girl- smiling on the swing, the sunlight catching in her curls just the way that my heart saw it.

I truly believe that life is about these heartful connections and it is my mission to convey, authenticity, a true glimpse of personality, a loving expression shared, and all of the in-between moments like these in my artwork. Here, I find the story that resonates in all of our lives and this is what I want to preserve.

My Style

My style has been described as dreamy, authentic, and joyful….I watch light travel the earth and shadows fall around us, the sun pierce through the trees, and hover above the horizon. I love backlighting and soft hazey colors surrounding just a touch of vibrancy. I use natural light to best capture the spirit of my subject although I am fully equipt to add light when needed. I feel that it is important to have intimate photographs showing soulful eyes as well as wider shots canvasing story. I believe every child has a beauty of their own, natural curiousity for their world, and zest for the simplicity in life. I believe that every family holds a connection all their own, an emotional channel to the heart filled with fun-love and free-spiritedness. It is somewhere between the light & life in front of me that I am able to create modern portrait & organic lifestyle images.

And a bit more

I am a true New Englander, love everything about it, including the snow! Tall seagrass and fresh ocean air soothe my soul.  Coffee on the dock lakeside is my favorite place, and thing. My husband keeps me grounded and inspires me to work hard (he says we are supposed to rock our 30’s so I am doing my best!). I have been called the best baby swaddler and sleep whisperer ever! I love and teach yoga. I tend to set traps, really without any effort of my own, around the house that someone inevitable triggers. When I am old and gray, I want one thing…great photographs that show a life full or heartfelt memories. My love for my 4 kids continues to inspire my work and help me to hold onto their smile, their joy, and their beauty.