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After working with kids for years I truly believe that genuine smiles and a playful nature can enhance your brand and showcase a child’s true passion for wearing, playing and enjoying any product or program. With special attention to your style and vision, we work together to create a cohesive, relatable, and fun marketing campaign that leaves your viewer fully engaged.

Project Info

We will work directly with you and your team of artists, designers, and stylists to capture naturally kid inspired images that reflect your company’s brand and business goals.  All commercial projects include hand edited full resolution digital media designed for your marketing application.

Pricing: Each project requires special attention and pricing may vary.  Your estimated cost is based on what you will need before, during and after your shoot and tailored to meet your specific goals by customizing services, equipment, and set details to fit your vision and budget.

Services & Capabilities

Concept: We love to be involved from the very beginning and are happy to think creatively helping to draw out and develop your artistic and technical plan.

Light: We are experienced with studio lighting and natural light to create the desired look that you have for your product and are capable of shooting on location as well as in-studio.

Post Production: Almost all post production work is done in-house because after working with your company we want to stay true to your brand and believe careful handling of imagery is necessary.

Previous Clients include

Andover Bear Company, Smiling Button, PassionArt Studios, The Community Giving Tree, and Gersbache Personal Health Training.

Getting Started: Please email me at to receive a commercial survey begin the process of bringing your company and product to life. Looking forward to the collaboration together!



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